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Archive for May 2017

Greenstone Hollow Nature Preserve

The day was cloudy and cool. Recent rains created some muddy and water logged spots. The leaves were out, so we practiced birding by ear. Only occasionally did we get to see the birds. Seven of us gathered for the Greenstone trip.The roadside started us off with a variety of birds. A Green Heron flew…

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Cromwell Meadows WMA, Cromwell

A beautiful day greeted a quiet group of 2 birders. The leaves were all out, so we had to bird by ear for many of the species. We heard several Black-throated Green Warblers singing in the trees. None of them came out to se seen. We did get a quick look at a Rose-breasted Grosbeak.…

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Babcock Pond Bird Walk

On a cool, drizzly morning, 9 intrepid (foolish?) birders took a long (4 hour) walk through woods, fields, ponds, and an old dump. Our efforts resulted in finding-or hearing-a total of 54 species, none of which was unusual, but included 5 individual Black-billed Cuckoos, several Ravens, and N. Rough-winged Swallows. And, as we drove off…

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Mt. Auburn / Plum Island Bird Walk

A hardy group of folks set out on the hottest day of the year to see what birds might also not have the sense to stay out of the sun. Highlights from Mt. Auburn were black- and yellow-billed cuckoos, Baltimore and Orchard Orioles, Tennessee, Black-throated Green, and Blackpoll Warblers, and a great view of a…

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Catskills / Hudson River Valley NY

Our Catskill trip began near Oneonta at the Portlandville boat launch on the Susquehanna River on NY route 28. The water was high, covering the usual mudflats, but 2 Mallard Ducks and a single Solitary Sandpiper were still hanging out. The adjoining swamp had Baltimore Oriole, Northern Cardinal, warbling Vireo, Yellow Warbler, Common Yellowthroat, Red-bellied…

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East Rock

Saturday May 13 5 birders assembled at East Rock Park New Haven/Hamden for my annual trip there. Viewing conditions were horrible with heavy cloud cover but at least it was dry and not windy. We started off at the lower level where we spotted 3 Great Egrets, a very late (probably sick) sleeping drake Common…

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Tanager Hill and Goodrich Road, Simsbury

Fifty-three species of birds, a howling pack of coyotes, and one garter snake met at the Simsbury Land Trust’s Tanager Hill and nearby Goodrich Road properties to observe eighteen birders from HAS. Despite the cool, early morning temperatures, a spectacular male Scarlet Tanager serenaded us from high in a tree, just yards from the parking…

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Jug Bay, MD

In spite of awful weather, eight members of HAS joined me in Upper Marlboro, MD to go on one of Greg Kearns pontoon boat trip up the Patuxent River in Jug Bay. The drive down was hard for people, some arriving just in time for dinner at a local place in Upper Marlboro, but the…

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