Birding 101

This is a video made by HAS member Chris Fisher. It’s based on a program he used to give live. He decided that with a little modification it could be useful as a video for both beginning birders and people who have watched birds, but who want to move a little farther into the how to look for and identify birds. Chris uses pictures of both familiar birds, and many which may be less familiar which may make the program enjoyable even to more experienced birders.

Hints for watching:

  1. Choose the “Full Screen” icon to watch in full screen.
  2. From the “Settings Menu” – the little gear – check to be sure HD 1080 is selected unless you have a very slow connection.
  3. If you wish to save some time, it still shows pretty well when changing the speed (also in the “Settings Menu”) to 1.25 or even 1.5. At 1.5 it will only take 28 minutes to watch instead of 42.

See the Birding 101 Information Sheet for critical notes from the program along with a list of interesting reading about birds and birding.