Hartford Audubon Society Membership

Membership is open to everyone interested in the activities and mission of the Society. We are an organization dedicated to assisting our members in growing in their birding and wildlife experiences. We pride ourselves on our friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which includes skills from novice to professional levels. Please join us!

Membership entitles the holder to the following:

  • Annual program booklet detailing monthly meetings, trips, wildlife series and membership
  • The Crest, the Society's newsletter
  • Free participation in a host of field trips
  • Instructional beginner bird walks led by knowledgeable Society members
  • Free nature presentations given during the monthly meetings
  • In addition to the programs offered at the Hartford Audubon's monthly meetings, the Club offers a Wildlife Series.  These four special nature programs are presented by leading photographers/lecturers.
  • All of our Member Meeting minutes are now available to review here on our website.  Enjoy our summaries of past meetings that you may have missed by clicking here: Meeting Minutes
  • Checklist of the Birds of the Northeast. The checklist can be used for all of New England, New York, and New Jersey.  You can print a copy here, or members can reach out to Annette Pasek at apasek@cox.net for further assistance in obtaining a paper copy.

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Membership Dues

Regular Member ($15) Family Membership ($23)
Senior Member {65+} ($8) Senior Couple ($13)
Individual Life Member ($250) Organization ($25)
Reciprocal Organization ($0)

Ways to Join, Renew or Give a Gift Membership to a New Member

Online (our preferred method)

By Mail

Print out the Hartford Audubon Society Membership Form. Complete the form and mail it, along with your check, to the address shown on the form.