Station 43 Wildlife Sanctuary

Station 43

About 150 acres of shallow pond and marsh, bordered on the West by 400 acres of meadows and active farmland and on the East by 100 acres of wooded higher ground. Located below the 20 ft elevation contour in the Connecticut River flood plain in South Windsor, this is one of the most productive inland bird watching sites in Connecticut and is a Special Focus Area of the Silvio Conte NFWR. Ten Endangered, nine Threatened and nine Special Concern bird species have been reported here, among 229 total bird species.

Park either at the State boat launch at the foot of Vibert Road and walk north, or park along Main Street near the corner of Newberry Road (please don’t block any mailboxes) and walk west along Newberry Road. Many areas are wet and muddy, especially in the Spring, so boots are helpful.