2/26/2022 Birding with Your Phone Workshop – Report

2/26/2022 Birding with Your Phone Workshop – Report

Ever go birding and see someone bent over their phone, doing something about birds but you can’t tell what it is?  You’re not alone – many birders are using many apps to improve our skills and log our observations.  This was the impetus for creating our Birding With Your Phone workshop, presented in February for our third year in a row, and the second time to be held virtually over Zoom.

Ken Elkins of Audubon Connecticut once again expertly led our attendees through a variety of apps designed for smart phones.  He showed screenshots and provided navigating advice for a number of apps including the Audubon Field Guide, Merlin, iNaturalist, BirdNet, and the Warbler Guide, among others.  He ended the program by giving tips about using eBird.   Shown below is a link to a you tube recording of the session.


If you could share any feedback from the evaluations you sent after the workshop, that would be appreciated. All in all, it was another helpful, informative workshop – thank you, Ken!

Sarah Faulkner

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