Audibles and Edibles Walk – 4/27/19

Audibles and Edibles’ Trip report-4/27/19

On a just rainy and chilly morning, Kat Conte and Ernie Harris accompanied by Dorina Ademi and Rick Reed had a nice introduction to Burnt Hill Park off East Street in Hebron. The nutritious plants were plentiful. The birds less so but enjoyable- walk up view of Tree Swallow and a broken egg on the ground which Rick ID’d as a Killdeer’s and right away we came upon a pair trying to lure us away. We left just as the park was filling with a crowd for ‘Baseball Opening Day”.
Ernie and Kat

Here is the plant list for Burnt Hill Park.    And here the birds.

Mugwort                                                          Canada Goose
White Pine Nettle                                            Great Blue heron
Red clover                                                       Red-tailed hawk
White clover                                                    Killdeer
Staghorn Sumac                                             Mourning Dove
Chickweed                                                      Red-bellied Woodpecker
Stinging Nettle                                                 Downy Woodpecker
Garlic Mustard                                                 Northern Flicker
Cleavers                                                          Eastern Phoebe
Bedstraw                                                          American Crow
Skunk cabbage                                                Tree Swallow
Dandelion                                                         Black-capped Chickadee
Yellow Dock                                                      White-breasted Nuthatch
Yarrow                                                               House Wren
Curly Dock                                                        American Robin
Violet                                                                 Eastern Bluebird
Plantain (both wide and narrow leaf)                European Starling
Trillium                                                              Chipping Sparrow
Sorrel                                                                Song Sparrow
False Solomon seal                                          Northern Cardinal
False lily of the valley                                        Red-winged Blackbird
Jack in the Pulpit                                               Common Grackle
Wild onion                                                          Brown-headed Cowbird
Burdock                                                              American Goldfinch
                                                                           House Sparrow

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