Glastonbury Meadows

With poor weather forecast for September 30, we moved the walk to the following day. Our expectations for a sunny morning, however, were challenged with a rather foggy start. Barely able to see across the river, the 8-person group made do with the croak of a Great Blue and the distant rattle of a kingfisher while we walked the south end of Riverfront Park. After entering Glastonbury Meadows, we started our typical route along the marsh, picking up a Lincolns Sparrow and a first-of-fall White-throated Sparrow. In trees bordering a weed-covered tomato field, a small mixed species flock included several warblers and a Philadelphia Vireo. A flock of Am. Pipit flew over and disappeared into the corn stubble. Farther south, where a large pumpkin and squash field meets the marsh, we found greater sparrow activity and diversity, including a couple more Lincolns and a singing White-crowned, but highlighted by a Dickcissel that teed up and patiently perched for all the photographers in the group. Some of us spotted a Sora scooting across a dirt road in the marsh, and we subsequently heard both a Sora and Virginia Rail. Leaving the marsh and walking over the farm fields, we saw multiple Northern Harriers, a Bald Eagle, and other raptors.

We ended up with a respectable 63 species on our list.

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Asteriades and Andrew Dasinger

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