Greenstone Hollow Nature Preserve Trip Report -May 25, 2019

The day was clear and sunny.  The previous night was rainy, so we had some mud to walk through.  The leaves were out, so we practiced birding by ear.  Six of us gathered for the Greenstone trip.

The roadside started us off with a variety of birds.  A Great Blue Heron flew over.  We heard a Black and white Warbler and our first Baltimore Oriole.

In the shrubby field we found a scattering of Common Yellowthroats and Blue-winged Warblers.  We are trying to improve the habitat for such shrub nesting species.  Some of the trails were covered with water, so we omitted part of the loop.

In the marsh we heard a couple of Wood Thrush singing in the distance.

We had a total of 21 species, including 3 warblers.

Respectfully submitted,  Larry Lunden,  trip guide


Canada Goose  3, Mourning Dove  9, Great Blue Heron  3, Eastern Phoebe  1, Blue Jay  1, Tree Swallow  1, Tufted Titmouse  2, Wood Thrush  2, American Robin  6, Gray Catbird  6, Cedar Waxwing  6, American Goldfinch  4, Song Sparrow  3, Baltimore Oriole  4, Red-winged Blackbird  11, Common Grackle  1, Blue-winged Warbler  3, Black-and-white Warbler  1, Common Yellowthroat  3, Northern Cardinal  5, House Sparrow  2

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