Keney Park 5/8/22 Walk – Trip Report Submitted by Annette Pasek

The day’s chill was brief though the dim lighting lasted but the first hour of our three-hour walk. The Mother’s Day walk at Keney Park, the jewel of Hartford began at 8:30. We had 26 attendees ranging from beginning birders to a few intermediates. Coverage of 3+ miles, with lots to explore of the 693-acre park. We had 60 species though likely more. One unidentified warbler, parulidae specie may have been a rarity, calling churee, yellow bellied and green back, seen by few, face seen by none.

Highlights were American Kestrel, 12 warbler species, including both waterthrushes, vireos and flycatchers and even one sole hummingbird spotted by the youngest member of the group, an elementary aged girl. A surprise Savannah sparrow allowed many closeup views as it was alit on a nearby treelike shrub, though twas not as great a surprise as the Mama bear and her two cubs in a wooded trail area.

Annette Pasek, President

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