Lewis farm Sanctuary 10/19/21- Trip Report submitted by leader Abby Wolcott

Lewis farm Sanctuary 10/19/21 – Written by Trip Leader Abby Wolcott

Quick facts:  53 degrees and sunny

4 people on the trip

10 species of birds seen or heard

Length of trip: 2 miles, 2  plus hours

An intimate group of birders gathered at the trail head on this crisp October morning.  As we headed off, a flock of geese provided some overhead entertainment as they demonstrated their telltale  chevron flight pattern above us.  We had our binoculars at the ready as the conversation unfolded regarding  what we had been seeing in our travels and some of the  local trips that were especially memorable.

After crossing the brook we started to hear more birds and scanned the treetops for activity.  We ambled along and saw a flock of yellow rumped warblers and made note that our snow bird, the dark eyed junco was back.  We were happy to see him and reminded ourselves to keep our shovels and ski parkas at the ready in the next few weeks.

We watched a red bellied woodpecker as he worked on a dead limb.  He was cooperative enough to do this as the sun shone on his back revealing what a beautiful bird he is. This viewing  prompted a discussion on the changes of birds seen here in New England over the past few decades. It was encouraging to note the increase in many  species in these parts.

Jays and crows provided some background noise as we looped around the trail.  We stopped to listen to two pileated woodpeckers calling out  but it was too much to ask of them to reveal themselves on this fine morning.  We told ourselves we would meet the king of woodpeckers on  another day and our quest continued.

On our return route we spied a bird of mystery in the tree tops and he remains thus.   He darted  about  and did not cooperate for the camera or binoculars but provided a source of speculation for some birders who had been around the block.

Heading around the white pine grove we day dreamed about owls.  They were not to be seen today but we stopped to see chickadees flitting and were reminded of E.B. White’s accurate observation that chickadees   “demonstrate the power of positive thinking.” That they did, but we really didn’t need much help as we were immersed in the beauty of nature and making connections with new friends who share a love of birds.

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