Lewis Farm Sanctuary Trip Report – May 5, 2021 Abby Wolcott – Trip Leader  

Lewis Farm Sanctuary Trip Report – May 5, 2021

Trip report submitted by trip leader Abby Wolcott

On a damp spring morning, 13 local birders met at Lewis Farm to explore the trails and look for birds. Bluebirds greeted us in the parking area and off we went down the hill with binoculars in hand looking for warblers and other birds.  We meandered around a small pond nestled in the verdant woods before heading to a pine grove where we were dwarfed by the towering evergreens.   We turned down the volume as we scanned the understory.  The group continued on admiring the wildflowers near the path including Jack in the Pulpits, Trillium and Dutchman’s Breeches. Along the way we were accompanied by white breasted nuthatches and white throated sparrows with their striking white cravats. A rose breasted grosbeak serenaded us to encourage the group to move deeper into the sanctuary.  We craned our necks to look at the treetops and were rewarded with cedar waxwings and yellow- rumped warblers, and black and white warblers scrambling up and down the tree trunk. Those in our group with an ear for bird songs identified a Northern Parula warbler and a Pine warbler.

We lingered by the rushing brook watching two great blue herons fly over in their prehistoric fashion.  Our next stop was a pair of vernal pools and the oven bird called as we put one foot in front of the other.  He finally showed himself by flitting to a lower branch briefly before taking cover deeper in the woods.  Always a treat, we heard the pileated woodpeckers conversing and one rose up from the lowest branch of a tree to thrill us with his undulating flight as he headed off.

We finished our walk trudging up the hill as catbirds serenaded us with their repertoire and the group shared what birds they have been seeing locally. Our fellowship in the woods this morning proved that some unsettled New England weather could not damped the spirits of local birders and their ever present quest.

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