Second Annual Hartford Audubon – Day Light Savings Time Bird-A-Thon Results – March 14, 2021

Seven teams participated in the Bird-A-Thon.

A big congratulation goes to:

“Roger’s Tee-Birds” with 99 points:   Doug and Shirley Beach and Mike Labossiere.

They got early to Station 43 and scored 39 species that means 78 points early in the day. The ducks are amazing at Station 43! Let’s celebrate at the zoom members meeting in April.  They also took first place last year.


In no particular order, these are the remaining teams that participated:

“The Timberockets” –   Vicky and Paul Margiott

“The Tennis See Warblers” –  Sharon Straka, Janie Balazs and Becky Miller

“The Bird Brains” –  Sarah Faulkner and Donna Summer

“Birds of Paradise” –  Annette Pasek, Roberta Gowing and Elaine Payne.

“The Blazers” – Jack and Maggie Peretto with Blaze

And just for the fun of it, Chris and Diane Fisher participated part of the day.

Congratulations to all the teams and thank you for your participation.

Please, mark your 2022 calendars for the second Sunday in March.

Hoping that in 2022 we can have a pot luck supper after a day of birding.

Work on your teams t-shirts and hats for next year. It is all about fun with the birds!!!!

Maggie Peretto

Manchester, CT

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