Stratford, CT Trip

With the Hartford Audubon Society walk this morning we had some nice birds around Stratford.

A drake Blue-winged Teal off Stratford Point was a real treat, as I had not had one there before. There was also a flock of about 400 Long-tailed Ducks, fairly close to shore. Tree Swallows, a singing Field Sparrow and two Eastern Phoebes gave us a taste of Spring. A first or second Glaucous Gull flyby was another treat. We had about a dozen Great Cormorants flying by and at least one D.C.

Long Beach had thousands of gulls offshore and also both species of scaup. Mr Long Beach, the now adult Iceland Gull put in an appearance and an adult Northern Gannet flew by.

Birdseye had a drake Northern Shoveler. We also had a Snowy Owl at an undisclosed location.

Respectfully submitted,
Patrick Comins, Meriden

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