Woodcock Walk at Nod Brook WMA – Trip Report

Woodcock walk, March 21, 2020

Ten of us gathered at Nod Brook WMA to see the Timberdoodles do their spring mating dance.

The sky was clear and the wind was calm.  Unfortunately the fields had been mowed, eliminating the low brush that is their favored habitat.

As dusk approached, we started hearing the faint peents.  Gradually more of them came from several directions.  We could not get a fix on the location, as one would be heard and then another from a different place.  Occasionally a very loud peent was heard, but no others.  At times we could hear the winnowing of the wings as they took off.

And as one of our group returned to the parking lot, a woodcock flew by her into the woods.

We probably heard at least five woodcock.

Larry Lunden, substitute leader.

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