Greenstone Hollow Work Party Report – 10/28/2019

Report contributed by Christopher Fisher

We had a great work party Monday at Greenstone Hollow. We arrived to the two truckloads of mulch which the town of East Granby kindly delivered to the entrance.

Four of us showed up to work.  It was a great day.

Cathy Lescoe, the president of the East Granby Land Trust kindly came to help.  She was our #1 shoveler and kept filling the wheel-barrows and cart as Drew Smith and I pushed them back and forth along the trail to where……

….Larry Lunden was spreading the mulch over the trail.  The purpose of all this was to smooth out a section of trail through the woods that had lots and lots of roots – making the walking hard and making it almost impossible to bring a wheel-barrow through that section.

Diane (my wife) kindly brought some cider and cheese to give us a bit more energy.

We were making good progress, and at 11:30 – after 2-½ hours of hard steady work, I suggested we call it quits.  Drew and Cathy both said they thought we should keep going, so we did – until 12:15.

Here’s how far we got along the path.

The woods were beautiful and there were lots of birds around.

By the time we stopped we were about ⅔ of the way through the pile! We picked up an eggplant grinder at Drew’s suggestion and came back to our house for lunch.  Hopefully one more session will let us finish this part of the path.

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