Station 43 Sanctuary Report – December 2019

I only took over stewardship of the sanctuary in September. It was a very pleasant fall. Jay Kaplan and a few others participated in the Big Sit in October from the platform. I mowed the path into the platform a few times before the hard frost and cut back the brush along the path and around the platform.

I am thinking of having a work party day after the floods in the spring. Some of the members and have asked about the wet areas along the path to the platform and if we could build something over them. I am willing to hear any suggestions, but I think with the nature of the flooding, it will be hard to do anything permanent.

We still have a fair number of visitors to the sanctuary and the birding has been good this fall.  I am hoping the birding continues to be productive through the winter and we have a good showing for the Christmas Count.

Blair Wlochowski, 12-3-19

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